Your Vision

6_31_your-vision.jpg The majority of our clients have used the opportunity for relocation or lease re-negotiation as the chance to review their current business environment and internal/ external communications. Quite often this coincides with a decision to refresh the company’s branding and positioning. We recognise this as part of your vision for the future of your business.

Expedite fully understands that finding the right office is not just about matching a certain amount of space within a set budget, it’s also about making sure you find the right office that facilitates this business vision. Your office environment can absolutely underpin the personality of your company and be a powerful tool to express and demonstrate your company’s values and intent to clients, potential hires and internal staff.

Besides creating an environment where people are inspired and productive, you might want to raise your brand awareness, create a stronger internal culture, emphasise that you’re a ‘green’ company, create a social hub for your staff, impress your clients when they visit, excite potential hires etc. We take all of these elements and directives into consideration when we search and analyse the suitability of premises. In addition to the design and functionality of your new office, there are a lot of other factors that can play a vital role in finding an office that reflects your vision. Think about the area, the actual street, your neighbour companies, the look and feel of the building itself, the services the building can offer and the potential flexibility of the floor space to turn it into your perfect office.

The question of what the business vision is and what you’re looking to achieve from your new work environment often fuels discussions about who you are as a business and how you want to be perceived internally as well as externally. Particularly with start ups and younger businesses there is the question of internal image versus external image: how to maintain an energetic, contemporary (funky!?) and distinctive internal culture and at the same time keep the external perception of being a highly professional organisation.

Expedite recognises and facilitates all of these issues and discussions from the outset and although the design and fit-out elements come a little further down the line we think holistically from the outset.