Finding Your Next Office

5_29_find-office.jpg Finding new offices can be a costly, frustrating and time consuming exercise and our primary function is to find the right office for your business in the most efficient and effective manner…. Expedite by name, expeditious by nature!

The key to this is for us to listen intently to our client’s aspirations and specific needs and not to assume your requirements are the same as anyone else’s – every one of our clients is unique.

Equally important is to establish trust between us. Ultimately you will rely on us to do everything we say we’re going to do, in order to make this exercise successful and enjoyable for everyone. Once we’re able to prove that we are working in your best interests this trust becomes implicit. However, there needs to be a leap of faith and so initially we encourage you to speak to our existing clients to hear their testimonies.

Our approach is to take full responsibility for the end to end process from finding the right office to signing the lease leaving you to concentrate on your core business making the key and strategic decisions as we present them to you.

Property Search and Select

The first thing we do is to have an initial meeting with you to establish your current business structure, your future business plans and what you are exactly looking for. From this we will produce a client occupancy profile that will help us give you clear advice with regards to your premises search. We provide you with an overview of the market and an evaluation of the current offices availability prior to undertaking the search process.

We undertake an initial search and completely remove the pain of filtering through the 95% of properties that are on the market that simply won’t work for you; shortlisting suitable properties using technical and financial criteria as well as your initial brief. Basically, it’s our time being used not yours – you can concentrate on your core business until such time as we believe we have something worthwhile to show you.

We will then visit these offices together after which we will produce a prospective office evaluation matrix which will form the foundation for your final selection decision. Once the decision is made we will manage the complete negotiation process with the Landlord and his agent; from Heads Of Terms through to Completion. The scope of these negotiations includes:

  • Full Repairing and Insuring lease (FRI lease) or Internal Repairing Insuring lease (IRI lease)
  • Length of the lease and possible break options
  • Security of Tenure
  • Rent and Rent Free Periods
  • Rent review related lease clauses
  • Rental deposit
  • Service Charge
  • Capital contributions from the landlord or lessor
  • Subletting entitlement
  • Any penalty related clauses with regards to exclusivity and confidentiality
  • Dilapidations (see Dilapidations)

We can also advise you on Business Rates: making sure you’re paying the correct amount and that you are not paying rates on both your previous and your new premises as well as the ability to appeal.

Once the lease is signed, as part of the Expedite Group of Companies, we can even see you through the complete process of office relocation. For more information or to find out how we can help you find you your next office, please contact us on 020 7620 0456/ info@expeditesearch.co.uk.