Relocation Tips

You are being tasked with finding the perfect new office! Exciting times: a fresh environment, lots of new opportunities! However, if you’re the one responsible for the complete project, it can be a slightly overwhelming and even daunting task, particularly if you have never undertaken one before. There is a great deal to organise and consider in order to insure a smooth transition.

Expedite take away the hassle of searching for offices and can project manage your full office relocation. From finding your new office, negotiating the best possible terms, space planning, interior design, detailed budgeting and landlord liaison, all the way through to procurement, managing the actual fitting-out and physically moving you in – we literally do it all …we make it ‘happen’! We make sure that your office relocation is a smooth and controlled process with no business interruption. 


As a reference and to help you prepare for your office relocation, please see a typical office relocation project timeline below…. Click on the arrows for some useful tips.

Please feel free to contact us for more information and to see how we can help you make your new office ‘happen’


Steps Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6

4-6 weeks

Tenant Agent will filter properties and provide you with shortlist of premises that fit the Brief.

arrowPremises Searcharrow

1 week

Test-Fit shortlisted properties using your basic layout requirements.

arrowSpace Planningarrow

1-2 weeks

Once the offer has been accepted the landlord will provide the Heads of Terms with all proposed terms to be included in the lease.

arrowHead of Termsarrow

6-8 weeks

Once the Heads Of Terms have been agreed appoint lawyers to commence lease production.


1-2 weeks

Produce detailed 2D & 3D drawings and associate documentation, including product specifications, and create detailed project budget.

arrowDesign & Budgetarrow

2-3 weeks

Engage with vendors to establish lead times and order conditions/ criteria.

arrowAuthorities & Utilitiesarrow

4-6 weeks

Appoint Project manager to manage tender process and to then control contract, costs and quality of the fit-out.

arrowFitting Outarrow

1-2 weeks

Produce relocation plan that integrates all physical, logistical and IT elements. Appoint relocation management specialist.


3-4 weeks

Programme-in dilapidations works or budget for financial settlement that may include landlord loss of earnings.